Pasvalys Area Museum project "Interactive Sculpture - Old Bridge Musician Antanas" was selected as the best project!


This year Pasvalys Area Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary. During the town festival an interactive sculpture was unveiled on the old bridge near the church. In the sculpture, Antanelis, a peculiar legendary Pasvalys musician, was reborn, who, during the interwar years, was playing his violin on the bridge for the passengers.
During the twenty years of the museum's existence, people shared with the museum exhibits and their own stories. So when the staff of the Museum decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary, they thought that one of those stories had to be revived, modernized, and given to Pasvalys. And so the idea of Antanas the bridge musician was born.
Sculptor Martynas Gaubas, young and already famous artist from Birstonas, was entrusted to make this idea come true. “Gluk Media” took care of the interactivity of the sculpture.
Sculpture is not only a form, but also a content. Its contents were created by the people from Pasvalys: actress Olita Dautartaite, TV and radio program director Jonas Nainys and poet Vladas Braziunas (honorary citizen of Pasvalys region).
With the personalities of these people, the sculpture comes to life. If you touch the right hand – Jonas’ voice tells about the most beautiful places in Pasvalys, touch the left hand and Olitas’ voice tells the story of Antanas the bridge musician and adding a palm to the button, the poets Vladas’ voice is heard - he reads his poem about the old bridge of Levuo in a local dialect.
A famous violinist Rima Tamo also participated in the creative process. As soon as you step on the wooden part of the old bridge, you will hear musicians’ violin tunes.
Earlier this year an interactive sculpture - old bridge musician Antanas was introduced to the competition “Lessons of the Century”.
We are pleased to announce that the evaluation committee of the contest announced the idea of the Pasvalys Area Museum "Interactive Sculpture - old bridge musician Antanas" as the best project - for creating a place of attraction for people, encouraging reflections, allowing to feel positive and for letting people to feel like their own success story has been achieved.

Photo by Paulius Ramanauskas
Information from Pasvalys County Museum